Are you living in a furnished flat in Melbourne and has to vacate it soon? You have the sole responsibility of cleaning it up to the extent that the next renter will have no complaints about having a dirty carpet or broken furnitures, appliances and even fixtures. When it comes to all your cleaning needs, especially when dealing with carpets and upholstery that are quite expensive and delicate to clean, you need expert hands such as Move Out Cleaning Melbourne.

We, at Move Out Cleaning Melbourne, can finish any cleaning assignments within the day. If the place is too dirty, we will give you a reasonable timeframe on when we can completely clean it. We are fully trained and follows Australian Standards when it comes to cleaning and maintenance so you won’t have to worry about not getting the right expectations of a local cleaning service in Melbourne.

How We Do Furnished Flat Move Out Cleaning

Floor and Carpet Cleaning

For a furnished flat, one of the biggest priority for keeping the flat clean is the flooring. Our team can do the following carpet cleaning for you with accordance to your preference:
● Vacuum Cleaning
● Steam Cleaning
● Dry Cleaning

For hard floors, we can steam clean or sweep and mop with disinfectant to ensure that the flooring is nicely cleaned and do not impose any health risks to next tenants.

Living Room and Bedrooms

Cleaning the living room and bedrooms can be the easiest part in house cleaning. But, don’t overestimate the dirt that lurks underneath the sofas, shelves and more. Move Out Cleaning Melbourne has specialized cleaning tools and materials to ensure that all sections are dust-free. We can also steam clean and disinfect all upholstery and mattresses (given that they are still in good condition).

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen is often the most challenging part to clean, especially when you are living in a furnished home. You may want to make sure that all kitchen appliances and furnitures remain in the same condition as when you first moved in. Move Out Cleaning Melbourne will wipe all exterior portions of the appliances such as stove tops, range hood, fridge and etc, and wipe all furnitures. All kitchen taps, sink and splatter boards will be thoroughly cleaned as well. For more information on areas to be cleaned, please refer to our Move Out Cleaning Melbourne page.

Bathroom Cleaning with Tile and Grout Cleaning

Move Out Cleaning Melbourne can clean all walls and floor tiles and can also clean grouts (with extra cost). All toilets, taps and sink, mirrors, cupboards and fixtures will be wiped and cleaned to perfect finish. Please check out our Move Out Cleaning Melbourne page for details.

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