Planning to move out of your studio apartment soon? If yes and you want to secure your bond at the same time, you need to get your property thoroughly cleaned before vacating the property. One to keep in mind when you thought of moving out cleaning – Moving Out Cleaning Melbourne is the best service to call as we can perform our speedy and top quality moving out cleaning anywhere you are in Melbourne.

Studio apartments may only be a small space, but if not restored to its original clean state before handing it over to your landlord may compromise you in getting your bond back. You can easily clean it yourself but if you simply do not have time to do it or want to be very careful in not damaging anything like the carpet and other fixtures, you need to call on professionals like Moving Out Cleaning Melbourne and we will get the job done.

Aside from the promise that we will get the job done, we also offer our Studio Move Out Cleaning is very affordable prices. It is our way of helping out students who needs to clean their studio apartment on a regular basis, every end of term or once they finally move out.

How We Do Studio Move Out Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are one of the dirtiest areas in a Studio apartment. With the small floor area, almost all sections of the carpet are frequently used and stepped on. If you have lived in your studio apartment for years without any regular cleaning, your carpets are surely a mess. Moving Out Cleaning will perform any of the following for your convenience:
● Vacuum Cleaning
● Steam Cleaning
● Dry Cleaning

Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning

Given that a studio is a small living area, you may or may not have a kitchen space. If you have one, we only wipe the kitchen counter tops, fixture, cupboards and clean underneath the sink area. For bathroom, we will clean the wall and floor tiles, toilet, sink, mirror and counter tops.

Bed, Fridge, Microwave, Study Desk Cleaning

For a furnished studio apartment that are commonly intended for students, Move Out Cleaning Melbourne will clean your bed mattresses, wipe all surfaces of your small fridge and microwave. Your study desk will also be cleaned in and out so we suggest that you remove all your belongings inside the drawers before we start cleaning.

Need a Studio Move Out Cleaning Assistance today? Contact Move Out Cleaning Melbourne now at 03 90882057 for fast cleaning action!