1. Terms and Conditions Coverage

Our Terms and Conditions encompasses everyone who avails our services via phone, email and online booking. We strongly advise our customers to refer to our list of inclusions and exclusion bounded by our Terms and Conditions.
By hiring Local Move Out Cleaning to attend to your moving out and end of lease cleaning needs, the client agrees to be bound by our Terms and Conditions as listed below. Our initial price during the initial phone assessment or booking only covers our regular cleaning package. Our quote is based on the given description by the client at the time of booking. The initial price may vary depending on additional tasks required.

2. Regular Cleaning Package

Our regular cleaning package includes sweeping, cobwebs removal and the dusting of ceiling, floors, and walls. Wiping and dusting of surfaces such as cupboards, stovetops, splashbacks, furniture, appliances and etc. Cleaning of bathroom, toilet, laundry wall tiles and floors (grout cleaning will be at extra cost). No outside cleaning. If needed, it will be at extra cost. Our regular cleaning package is subject to change without prior notice. Please always refer to our cleaning checklist in our Local Move Out Cleaning page.

3. Work Warranty

All cleaning works performed by Local Move Out Cleaning  comes with a 100% 3-day warranty. All areas subjected to cleaning are thoroughly checked, making sure that it meets Australian Standards in cleaning. Any issues raised after this 3-day warranty period will not be honored.

4. Free Quote

Local Move Out Cleaning provides free quotes during the evaluation stage. Our team will come to your house to free assessment on the work that needs to be done. We will give upfront pricing on items that are on our checklist. Any additional cleaning areas outside our checklist that we can clean will require an extra cost.

5. Very Dirty Properties

If the property is unacceptably dirty, we will require a minimum rate of $150 plus an hourly rate of $45. This will cover the extra hard work to be rendered in turning back the property to its acceptable state. This also applies to clients that did not declare the true condition of the property during the booking stage.

6. Cleaning that Requires Electricity and Hot Water

We use advanced cleaning tools and equipment in cleaning surfaces and carpets. If in the event that electricity or hot water is no longer present in the property, our 3-day warranty service will no longer apply as it may compromise the quality of cleaning without the use of electric and water-run cleaning tools.

7. Booking/Reservations

Due to our growing customer base, cleaning bookings can be reserved to mark the date of cleaning the property on our calendar. You are allowed to cancel or change your booking within 72 hours. A non-refundable reservation fee of 50% will be required to cover sudden booking cancellations that is outside 72 hours.

8. Marks and Stains

Scuff marks on walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, closet and other surfaces are not included in our cleaning service as surface damage may arise. Stains that are hard to remove will not be treated further as it may cause additional scratches on the surface. If you want the stains to be removed, we suggest a re-paint but would be at an extra cost and a separate quote.

We do not remove stickers or removable hooks
from walls as there is a chance that we could damage your wall or paintwork – If you specifically request us to remove these we will not accept any liability resulting from such damage.

9. Fully Furnished Properties

If you are moving out of a fully furnished property, please indicate at the time of inquiry as there will be an extra cost on cleaning appliances such as refrigerator, air conditioning units, microwave, stove and more.

10. Unfurnished Properties

Local Move Out Cleaning cleaners will not start cleaning unless everything is moved out of the house or apartment. If you are still in the process of vacating the property, hourly rate applies to cover the waiting time for cleaners to start cleaning the area.

11. Broken or Damaged Fixtures, Fittings, and Cabinets

Local Move Out Cleaning will not be liable for any broken, damaged or loose fixtures, cupboards, doors, windows, lighting and more that may arise during cleaning. Please inform us of the present damages to avoid any discrepancy.

12. Lighting

We only provide dusting and cobweb removal on light fixtures. If you require to remove the light bulbs for wiping and safekeeping, the extra cost will apply.

13. Outdoor Cleaning

We only provide sweeping and cobweb removal on outdoor areas such as garage,  balcony, patio or deck. We do not clean lawns.

14. Extra Cost Cleaning

Below are the items that are not included in Local Move Out Cleaning ’s regular cleaning package. If you wish to have any of the following items be included in your booking, the extra cost will be added or a different quote will be given:

  • Walls cleaning and marks removal or washing all walls from inside of the house (We don’t clean Brick walls)
  • Blinds wipe or wash down (We clean the blinds in any case if exceptionally old blinds or not working blinds or metals strip broken – we don’t work on them to keep any further breakage unless the client has requested to do as such)
  • Furniture dusting or wiping
  • Steam cleaning of furniture, upholstery or curtains
  • Sweeping of outdoor areas including garage
  • Cobwebs removal on the outside of house
  • Sweeping of driveway
  • Windows cleaning on the outside
  • Balcony cleaning
  • Appliances cleaning (refrigerator, microwave, etc)
  • Dishwashing machine cleaning
  • Washing machine cleaning and Dryer
  • Rubbish removal from inside & outside of property

15. Carpet Cleaning

Local Move Out Cleaning provides standard cleaning of carpets such as pre-vacuuming, steam cleaning and stain removal. However, we will not be liable for any discoloration or damage on heavily soiled carpets and those with unremovable stains. If steam cleaning cannot sufficiently remove the stains, our cleaners will inform you. The quote provided is based on a standard room size of 12 sqm (max).
If the client owns a pet and fur accumulation is present on the carpet, there is no guarantee that the carpet will be 100% cleaned especially when the carpet is not vacuumed regularly.  If pests have infested the property during the client’s stay, we suggest that you contact pest control as we do not include pest removal.

16. Mould Cleaning

Our team only covers cleaning of mould in the bathroom and toilet floors, walls, and fixtures but do not clean once mould reaches the silicon liners/sealers. If the property has a serious mould invasion, please consult the problem with experts on moulds removal.

17. Appliances Cleaning

Applicable for furnished homes, we only clean accessible areas of the appliances. We do not disassemble the appliance (oven, refrigerator, air conditioning and more) to clean and remove the grime from the glass, door, and other parts. We do not guarantee the appliances to be perfectly cleaned if it is too dirty with signs of not having been cleaned for a long time.

18. Hard to Reach Areas

Our team only cleans what can be easily accessed by our cleaning tools. For high areas, we only clean sections that can be reached by our step ladders.

19. Accessibility

If the residential property is inaccessible where we have to park our ute very far from the place and not able to perform the service, we have the right to cancel the booking. For properties that are within the CBD, the client is responsible to provide us with parking. Otherwise, we would not be able to proceed. We can park outside in paid parking areas given that the client will shoulder the parking fee which will be given to our team in cash. Failure to provide us with parking by any reason, the client will be charged with an extra cost to cover the time wasted. If the appointment is to be cancelled due to insufficient parking, the client will still have to pay the quote in full.

20. Inappropriate Attitude

If the customer has an unacceptable behavior, Local Move Out Cleaning reserves the right to cancel the service.

21. Window Cleaning

The quote for window cleaning is separate with that of our regular cleaning checklist. A standard window size of 1m x 2m is charged with $10. Please indicate if the windows are with flyscreens and with panels so we can provide you a custom quote. We only dust flyscreens.

22. Travel Charges

Extra charges apply for collection and/or returning of keys to a different address.

For any questions on our Terms and Conditions, feel free to contact us and we are glad to answer your queries.